The introduction of a seasonal collection is a really important period in a brands life.


Our collaboration with THOMAS SABO has started 5 years ago with the predecessor of PS Creative Agency, STR Média Kft. We offer the following services to the premium jewelry brand: press announcements, showroom, monitoring and event management.

We translate and edit the international press announcements every month, sending them to the biggest fashion magazines, editors, stylists, bloggers and online media sites. We also run a showroom with the latest season’s creations that are selected with great care for stylists and photo shoots. Following the work of stylists and fashion editors, we create monthly monitoring of their work. 

Each year a grandiose presentation of Thomas Sabo takes place in Budapest in which the spring-summer collections are shown based on an international brief. Organised in an extravagant location that matches the latest collection and the brand’s vision, from the decoration to the technology we compose everything based on our client’s requirements. During the year we organise blogger brunches, press lunches and shopping nights to support the image of Thomas Sabo and increase the monobrand shop’s popularity in Kristóf square.


In this project we prepared and sent out the communication materials, invited the members of the press, stylists and influencers to a jewellery presentation of our client, THOMAS SABO.


Why is this important?

In addition to generating immediate press releases, we can meet our media partners on a casual basis – this will help promote the brand’s presence, attract new projects and people. In such cases the challenge is to maintain the usual standards every year and to ensure that members of the press attend the event.